To See the World

To See the World – © 2021 Susan Canganelli.

I long to see the world
all of it
every corner
every tree
every puddle.
All sorts
of beauty awaits
It is out there
some passages freshened by the wind
some as hot as the burning sand
but it is all there
And surely every place has a keeper
someone who has  passed through
or perhaps when I get there
I will become a keeper.

Will I meet you on that far shoreline?
Might our eyes glimpse one another
and our chins make a quick nod of recognition?

I long to see the world.
I long to speak your name.
I long to hear your story—
all the places you have been
and the place you hope I see.
I long to speak your name
so help me on my journey to see the world.
help us all, in turn, to find
the people and the places
and freely speak our names
out loud in all the far corners of the earth.

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

Love for All

The Air is Chilled – © 2021 Patrick Canganelli (enhanced with Pixaloop).

so now
love for all
love that will
bring us together
we all share one blood
and I do not want to leave
here with the burden of hate,
so help me love
help me show my smiling face to all
and please let me offer my hand
to anyone.
why would I be here
except to be part
of that which
we are all part of anyway?
let the angels carry me
to where the air is chilled
and intertwined with
ice crystals,
the air that
loving souls
and kinsmen
who could not love,
and then let me
spew out
my hot breath
which is from You after-all,
so I may be a messenger.
because Your lungs are mine
I know that
together all of us can search
out the unwanted
together we can melt the hardened
oh let me be an instrument
whose chords
the harmonies
to those in need.
the sound of love
is a trumpet blast
fueled by us here on earth
we will carry the glaring tones
to the far corners—
to every space
the angels will take us
to melt the frozen hearts
and spread our open arms
to every single soul
for whatever they may need
we will not judge
we will not falter
oh please help
the angels
to carry me there,
and let my work begin.

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

This Moment in Time

This Moment in Time – © 2021 Patrick Canganelli.

I look out at the glittering, shimmering lights of night,
I see people in their windows
each one a life in progress
and looking out at all of it
our cities look like galaxies viewed far away.
we breathe in the air
and think about tomorrow
but the earth is bound to its path
a globe in its trough
shuttling around our great bright star
I look up into the night
and offer a small thankful prayer to
everything that had to happen
to bring me this moment in time
knowing that time
is an illusion
and knowing time and space
are manifestations of the the same thing
but I can stand here
and stare at the teal horizon
which is trying to keep away the dark night
and I can say
thank you to everything
on this great night.

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

The Symphony of Joy

The trumpet bearer (enhanced using Motionleap iOS) – © 2021 Patrick Canganelli.

And the music is building
notes flying through the air
a crescendo
so powerful
it consumes me.
I am filled with frequencies from heaven
a dipole moment
oscillating from an incalculable distance
to where my soul presides
over angels’ harmonies
the hosts of joy
a communion of energies.

I am joined by
the seraphim
who sends invitations
to us all,
we fill ourselves with
the sound—
we are the trumpet bearer—
we will go out
to the world
and share
the symphony,
we will dance through the measures
and the song we compose together
will intermingle with the stars.

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.


Fabric of Darkness

Night Embers – © 2021 Patrick Canganelli, (photo enhanced with Motionleap iOS).

I feel a rush of energy
as I step out on the back porch
I look up into the empty cave where everything began—
some miscreant has stolen the night,
I sigh
this job has stretched past its contract
I reach into my satchel anyway
and grab a handful of hot cinders
I fling my arm as a discus thrower
to pin the lights to the fabric of darkness
so my neighbors and I can enjoy
embers in the sky.
we will pass the time
talking of other times
in the distance.
a pack of dogs howls
a primal sound
that we, talking together,
add to our symposium,
as the evening goes on
we make plans
to meet again
and talk in the quiet of night,
but when I am gone
I wonder,
who will sow the embers of night?

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

The Filament of Hope

Filament of Hope – © 2021, Patrick Canganelli.

outside the sphere
peering down into a ball of glass
I can see the plight of humanity,
but I gaze too deeply
and I am transported inside
I am and
we are
our gaze and
our sounds
bounce around inside
the sphere
unaware of that clan
outside looking in.
but someday my desire to know
ever so much more
will send a filament from my eye,
the gossamer hollow thread
will open the most fleeting glimpse
of all the clan inhabits
if I could but stand there
with my eye affixed
to those beyond my plight
would I then find a way back home
would I know any more
of a greater expanse?
could I speak my words to someone
who could hear?
but instead I am tossed about the sphere
I cannot find
a steady place
to glance again
through the filament,
I can only hope now
my vision was not clouded.
is there a clan
beyond the dome
beyond the stars
beyond the boundary of what we are.
if I could but dream a bigger dream,
then I would start to hope,
and if I whisper in your ear
we could share our glances
through the filament
and plot our way back to
the greatest home—
and Heaven would be its name.

© 2021, Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.


One More Step

One More Step – © 2021 Patrick Canganelli.

where was my home
that I left
to come here
and settle in this place,
what music was there,
what beauty surrounded me there
that I was drawn here

was there sadness?
did we care?

I care.

I care
wherever I stand
wherever I call home.
I stand for everyone
I care for every abandoned soul
and every noble heart

the place from whence I came
did we know
of love
I say ‘yes’
we knew that the glad heart
can sing
and its songs
drown out sorrow and hate.

from wherever I came
from wherever you came
we are here now
to share the pain
to share the emptiness
I suppose.

But we are also here to strike up
a new tone.
We came from other dominions
to stand together
to look in each other’s eyes
and see the soul,
to walk on the Commons.
we are not here
to shudder at the outward look of things
I think we traveled far
to get here.
we travelled with hearts and minds
knowing this is now the Common ground.

One more step.
One more lonely brother
One more beloved sister
we will embrace everyone
on the Common ground—
no one to turn back.

We are all here at last.

(written at night, on the eve of Humanity.)

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

I Walk the Earth

The Others
The Others – © 2021 Patrick Canganelli.

I Walk the Earth

how many people have walked the earth?
now I walk
I walk through spaces where others have been
I sense small particles of them as I meander through the streets,
I can hear, though faintly, the small voices left behind in our world
I bow my head
I sense
a low murmur
of my predecessors
I call out
and I know my voice is heard
it answers the call
of past and future
because, of course, someone will walk the streets where I have been

the legacy is astounding
my love grows with each pace
here I am
and here you were
and here others will be
our helices form the great chain
from the first burning sun
to the time when embers grow cold

we can fly through here and now,
and everything that will be—
we have arrived
over and over again
to destinies accomplished and untold
I start my path now
we will come together
on the highest road
and so now
let us begin.

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

And Kiss the Earth


Sunset Conduit – © 2013 Patrick Canganelli.


far to the east she rises
morning begins to burn
the hottest fire in the sky
sending great tendrils
of plasma
to lick the clouds
hot breath
blows on my face
and I absorb the energy
I will arise
to find all the moments
that await
and I will ponder all the things
I might create
the day is an embarkation
a raft to a future place
where I will pull my raft ashore
and she has traveled with me
an imperishable guide
steadily soaring above
even when I do not see
but the hours pass
and she has found a hiding place
still I know I will soon dream
and she will rise
and kiss the earth
and cover me with
that hottest energy
so hot that I can travel another day
to another place,
our souls are intertwined and I would never change it.

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

Running Down the Road

country road, Montgomery IN
Rural Road – © 2010 Patrick Canganelli.

Running down the road
long road that it was
how it tired me

catch my breath

great dust of my heels
must it travel past me

wind in the mouth
what a nauseating ear
I think my heart has stopped

ache of breast
how can I think it
can I feel it like the
strain of my calves

what a load to carry me so far

heel of the earth
what have I become

bark in my fingernail
and muddy of throat
why do I speak to the past

must bone and wood
suffer round black orbits

deep wells of timeless youth
find a moldy apple
gripped by my teeth

no muscle in my carriage
physique combated by treading
now send me to Hades
my visit is past welcome
and I am the mat of the earth
once more.

-Excerpted from The Noumena book of poetry by Patrick Canganelli, available on Amazon.

© 2007 Patrick Canganelli. All rights reserved.