Will You Recall

Telescoping View, © 2022 Patrick Canganelli.

Will You Recall

what will my last day be like
who will I be with
will I know death is imminent
as my consciousness fades?

and now I want
to withdraw from this theatre of life
no more lines
no direction
just my breath
just my breath

will anyone
remember my name?
can anyone recall my smile?

I reach out my hand
and everyone telescopes out of view
but I cannot understand what is said
please don’t leave,
I wish to hear you laugh
one more time
before the door is closed
before the dirt is shoveled
in on top of

only moments ago
we were recalling together
the time we saw the mountains
and smelled the sea
I felt the sand between
my toes
my skin was warmed
by the sun
you were silently looking at the horizon.
the squawking gulls
hovered near by
the sun began slipping away
as I am now.
goodbye to everything I
have ever known…

and I ask,
will you recall my name?

©2022 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

The Glimmer

Warm glowing tendrils – © 2022 Patrick Canganelli (enhanced with Filterstorm and Motionleap).

in the dark silence I fly past Orion’s belt.
I tip the hilt of his sword
and grin,
the gravity from the Dog Star pulls at my heels
but I am weightless
and unhindered.
my joyous home awaits
in the heavens.
a candle lit by God
sheds warm glowing tendrils
those waves
will tug and drag as I enter the door.
but I will not want to leave.
we will laugh together He and I
at my prank.
My Father waits.
and I will never leave.
my soul will nestle in the wells of space
and I will know the love
that burns beyond time
past the door where men live and
where spirits dwell.
called to a place prepared for me
where and when the
heart will spin in its silver bowl
of song
and hold unspeakable caring for all who are not yet with us.

©2022 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

At Any Moment

what is life.
what does it mean.
at any moment, so many things I could give my attention to.
how to choose?
it’s over so fast.
standing at the end of it, I wonder how could that happen?
I get up each day
do my work
make my meals
have a laugh
and retire
it starts over next day
but then I stop
stand up
and look back
I try to see anything
but it is gone
all of it
in a flash
clods of dirt crumbled
into dust
everything is put away
I desperately need to see a frame or two
a storyboard
but there is only
a candle in a dark room
the candle is snuffed out
my day is done
I move out
onto the platform
the dynamo
tromps me down
we are all gone.

so help me understand
why when each morning came
I could not find even one moment to hide away
I should have captured a moment
an image
something for my album
I should have bent down
to hold your hands
to offer a cup of broth
to tenderly sooth
anyone at all
but their moments are gone
shouts –
all gone
I want to start over please
I want to fill the album
with new frames
frames of bright joy
frames of honor
frames of me
lifting even one frail
soul from the street
but even the broken pixels are gone
the grains of colloid
were fixed
but they disappeared anyway
I hold out my hand
I offer my soul
the dynamo does not see
I am trampled
and disappear amongst the noise


© 2022, Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

Someday Then

I will think of what might be…

Let us think, then, not of the past,
but of how the past grew into what we are.
And let us imagine what we might take with us
to a new place.
What will I pack up from the many rooms of who I am?
Will the trunk be full or empty?
And can I carry new things along the way?
I’ve been told the voices from yesterday become our voices.
But who will hear?
What will my soapbox offer?
I wonder, will it go forward?
I want to be heard and want something to say worth hearing.
I do not know what tomorrow will bring,
but I will think of what might be.
Hoping all along that someday, then, I will climb to new horizons.

©2022 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

All My Tears

I offer myself – © 2022 Patrick Canganelli.

I am on my way
one foot then the other
crunching on the gravel
then on the snow
a long trek to the highest peak I can find
I want to stand tall
and lift my head to heaven
when the chill of evening sets in
He will be there
as He has been all along the way
and I will think of everything
I’ve lived
and of everyone I’ve seen
and the power of it all
will well up inside me
and I will speak His name
and all my tears will come forth
nothing held back
given so much
but I can only offer my tears
and yet
I have one more gift—
so I offer myself.

© 2022 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.


I counted the stars – sketch © 2022 Susan Canganelli (enhanced with Motionleap).

I counted the stars last night,
my ritual in repose.
But one was missing.
One light gone.
The black dot where once shown a glowing diamond,
the empty spot in the heavens,
it caused a sadness.
Sadness now where once a star shown.
I knew then and recall now how the simple joy came to me when I was made aware —
a new light will pierce the fabric in its place.
Someday a light
someday a voice
someday new moments.
But presently only the echoes of
where once a bright jewel sent light to my happy eye.

© 2022 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.


Fortified by Green

Fortified by green – © 2021 Patrick Canganelli.

And I walked through that doorway
a brick structure
fortified by green leaves and bent twigs
in a hollow that time forgot
arriving within a few steps of paradise,
I sat down on a carpet of reeds
my verdant repose
from which I plan
to never return,
so may you remember me now
every corner of my home
is living chlorophyll
deep nourishing green pulsing its way
to the top of
the canopy.
down below my skin reflects
and no place
is more silent
than the depths
of my heart.
So I am here
in the hollows
thinking of the passing
of all other
for now the door
has crumbled
and no one
can find my
secret place.

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

To See the World

To See the World – © 2021 Susan Canganelli.

I long to see the world
all of it
every corner
every tree
every puddle.
All sorts
of beauty awaits
It is out there
some passages freshened by the wind
some as hot as the burning sand
but it is all there
And surely every place has a keeper
someone who has  passed through
or perhaps when I get there
I will become a keeper.

Will I meet you on that far shoreline?
Might our eyes glimpse one another
and our chins make a quick nod of recognition?

I long to see the world.
I long to speak your name.
I long to hear your story—
all the places you have been
and the place you hope I see.
I long to speak your name
so help me on my journey to see the world.
help us all, in turn, to find
the people and the places
and freely speak our names
out loud in all the far corners of the earth.

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

Love for All

The Air is Chilled – © 2021 Patrick Canganelli (enhanced with Pixaloop).

so now
love for all
love that will
bring us together
we all share one blood
and I do not want to leave
here with the burden of hate,
so help me love
help me show my smiling face to all
and please let me offer my hand
to anyone.
why would I be here
except to be part
of that which
we are all part of anyway?
let the angels carry me
to where the air is chilled
and intertwined with
ice crystals,
the air that
loving souls
and kinsmen
who could not love,
and then let me
spew out
my hot breath
which is from You after-all,
so I may be a messenger.
because Your lungs are mine
I know that
together all of us can search
out the unwanted
together we can melt the hardened
oh let me be an instrument
whose chords
the harmonies
to those in need.
the sound of love
is a trumpet blast
fueled by us here on earth
we will carry the glaring tones
to the far corners—
to every space
the angels will take us
to melt the frozen hearts
and spread our open arms
to every single soul
for whatever they may need
we will not judge
we will not falter
oh please help
the angels
to carry me there,
and let my work begin.

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.