I am Ready

Star of Heaven.
Star of Heaven (taken through Schylling Classic Tin Kaleidoscope) – © 2020 Patrick Canganelli.


I am here waiting in the dark
cold corners at my back
my eyes covered
my heart heavy
quiet and passive
but I am dreaming awake
thinking of tomorrow
not patient
my breath is hoarse
I am ready to spring out
from this dank retreat.
at dawn
I will sprint forth
all my energy bound up
now to be released
I am ready
ready to begin again,
ready to meet the throng
of all my brothers and sisters.
We will gather on a hill
under the bright sky.
I, with others,
will lift my chin
toward the hot light
that has traveled through space.
I will turn my head
and ask those around me
‘can you feel the star of heaven dancing on your face?’
great smiles will answer back.
we will be gathered together again
coming from the shadows
to greet the day,
what we do together will

© 2020 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

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