God Is Smiling

a rose in bloom WL Indiana
A Rose – © 2006 P. Canganelli.

so, now

observe the thick rose blossom

peel back each petal,

layer upon layer

your search engenders a heady scent

the softness is a marvelous delicate moment.

eager to continue

you move to the core

and with the petals all gone

what did you expect

but there He is,

God is smiling,


through the layers

of who you have been

and the scented trail you left behind,

we are like the rose

peeled back to the core

God is patiently watching as we arrive.

© 2020 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.


We Travel the Sky

Lattice and Spectrum – © 2020 Patrick Canganelli.


so in our youth we travel the sky
grow to find our passports to
the stars,
souls criss-cross time and space
in one countless moment,
but truth is trapped inside the hidden dimensions.
my roadmap only talks of galaxies
and the hot molten spheres
still generating precious metals—
where is even the
briefest hint
of how we collapse into
our inner selves?
I have searched far and wide
for a spell
to take me
to where you and I have always known
what matters.
shall I
beseech a vortex
to open up
and swallow us all
and latch
the hate behind us
our inner place has no unkindness
I wish to zoom down to the bonds between
the lattice,
I will reach out to everyone
our arms will form the most magnificent crystal,
formed of love,
our new structure
will be impenetrable
and we will set about
to latch onto
every single brother and sister
I will only see
our outstretched arms
and marvel at
the color of
the crystal as it
fans into the spectrum of God.
there is no limit
if we can but peer deep down
into the hidden places
and the crystal will
be us, and the stars
and galaxies,
and we will
fill the void
from now
ever more…

© 2020 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

My Prayers are Inscribed

glitter on construction paper
With Sparkling Warmth – © 2020 Patrick Canganelli.

my prayers are inscribed between the lines
and in the praise enfolding all the stanzas.
dew drops sliding from the tender points
of leaves
are the ticks my heart beats
waiting to hear
His name.
But as suddenly as the rain stops,
it picks up again,
a deafening shower
of voices.
have we all finally come to this one place
deep in the rain forest
where slender stalks push up to the sun?
and when we reach the top
we are filled from top to toe
with sparkling warmth
from the songs of heaven.
we become the canopy
the sun is a blanket on our heads
our feet are planted in the soil
so we will grow together
and we will form voices
great harmonies destined to ring throughout the verdant boughs.
when night falls
we reflect.
and then the sun shall return
and renewed singing will generate a bio-dome
filled with love-
yes, a bio-dome
filled with love!

© 2020 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

A Distant Voice

The Slopes – © 2019 Patrick Canganelli.

I hear a faint voice in the distance
perhaps from somewhere on the mountain
the sound touches my heart
So I will make the trek
from my valley cottage to where
the air is thinner and chilled
I wish to know the source
of those far off sounds
As I walk across the field and start ascent
the air becomes crisp
and the fog in my mind
Climbing up the slopes, I can feel the air as I draw it
into my lungs.
I’ve been to the top before
but as I walk up the incline
my sight begins to be clearer
now, at the summit,
I feel my gaze soar out over everything below.
I see my small home
and my neighbors
and I wonder
do we look so small
to Him who watches over us?
Is the sound I hear His voice calling?
I find only the rocky outcropping here
at the top.
So I start my way back down the slope
through the chilled frosty grasses
and I am sure I will be called
until someday
I understand what I hear.
others will climb up with me,
and we will know the voice
and capture the meaning
until then I live here beneath the
vast pointed mount
with rocky crags
that call so mysteriously.
Can you hear it?
let us go find out.

© 2019 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

The Crystal Blanket

Layers of snow – © 2018 Patrick Canganelli.

today our world is covered in crystals,
each one unique,
formed by angels’ breath –
they dance about the air,
they fall from heaven
like icy diamonds onto earth below,
woven into branches and nooks about the fields,
ellipses at the end of everything,
hinting at a continuation –
a recurring breeze,
depositing layers
to cover the cold.

© 2019 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

May I Present

sparkles (4).jpg
Sparkle (photo © 2013 Patrick Canganelli.)

May I present
an image of God,
poised to touch the singularity.
In a moment He will ignite the process that creates the universe.
everything gushes forward and outward
His spirit accompanies it all,
between the loops and folds,
deeper than all the dimensions.
If you travel to the farthest reaches
and turn in on the smallest pinpoint of matter,
you must dive down inside,
look with your mind
and so be startled,
as I am,
that He is already there,
just as He is seen when we zoom out
to behold all galaxies
which also become pinpoints
as we fly back to Heaven.
I wish to return
but I also long to come and go
and discover
at every turn
my loving Father.
He is there
and He is here,
and we can find Him in an instant—
just look anywhere
and call His name.
He has already answered.
He returned everything to everyone
before the requests were even made.
Vast stretches.
They are all the same.
We are pinpoints.
and we are vast stretches.
And He has answered everything.
If we can but peer past the great distance
and find Him.
But wait.
I can see we are already there.
Love in an instant,
and Love stretches beyond everything
to where we all began.
May I present this image
that I have seen.

© 2019 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.