One More Step

One More Step – © 2021 Patrick Canganelli.

where was my home
that I left
to come here
and settle in this place,
what music was there,
what beauty surrounded me there
that I was drawn here

was there sadness?
did we care?

I care.

I care
wherever I stand
wherever I call home.
I stand for everyone
I care for every abandoned soul
and every noble heart

the place from whence I came
did we know
of love
I say ‘yes’
we knew that the glad heart
can sing
and its songs
drown out sorrow and hate.

from wherever I came
from wherever you came
we are here now
to share the pain
to share the emptiness
I suppose.

But we are also here to strike up
a new tone.
We came from other dominions
to stand together
to look in each other’s eyes
and see the soul,
to walk on the Commons.
we are not here
to shudder at the outward look of things
I think we traveled far
to get here.
we travelled with hearts and minds
knowing this is now the Common ground.

One more step.
One more lonely brother
One more beloved sister
we will embrace everyone
on the Common ground—
no one to turn back.

We are all here at last.

(written at night, on the eve of Humanity.)

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

The Heart Answers

The mind’s conundrum – © 2020 Patrick Canganelli.

my mind wonders
but my heart knows
all of the mysteries.
to my mind
all questions are challenges,
deep down inside the well
where sacred aching lies hidden
answers abound,
knowledge of who we are
and why we care
is stored there,
a gift to tap
when only challenges are presented.
love has the answers
is the answer
it cannot be spent
only freely given,
the mind sees only the vast
it must cover
to arrive nowhere—
seeing the endless chasm
spending every waking hour
on that which has no resolution

the heart aches
to calm the mind’s conundrum
but the mind
is never satisfied

but mind-body-spirit are one
and the heart is waiting for the mind to halt
the chatter,
the mind is silly,
and the heart is glad
for love holds the truth
If We Listen.

© 2020 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.