One More Step

One More Step – © 2021 Patrick Canganelli.

where was my home
that I left
to come here
and settle in this place,
what music was there,
what beauty surrounded me there
that I was drawn here

was there sadness?
did we care?

I care.

I care
wherever I stand
wherever I call home.
I stand for everyone
I care for every abandoned soul
and every noble heart

the place from whence I came
did we know
of love
I say ‘yes’
we knew that the glad heart
can sing
and its songs
drown out sorrow and hate.

from wherever I came
from wherever you came
we are here now
to share the pain
to share the emptiness
I suppose.

But we are also here to strike up
a new tone.
We came from other dominions
to stand together
to look in each other’s eyes
and see the soul,
to walk on the Commons.
we are not here
to shudder at the outward look of things
I think we traveled far
to get here.
we travelled with hearts and minds
knowing this is now the Common ground.

One more step.
One more lonely brother
One more beloved sister
we will embrace everyone
on the Common ground—
no one to turn back.

We are all here at last.

(written at night, on the eve of Humanity.)

© 2021 Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.

Is There A Day

A Song We Sing

Is there
a Time
and Place
where I could speak
whatever is in my heart,
and others would say it was a song
a lyric
generated by my soul
and like music
it is something to share

Is there a special ground
upon which I might stand
and declare, unencumbered,
a feeling that I have—
a feeling that others soon realize
is a note of magic and truth
and something we need to sing
to each other
and to ourselves?

is there a way
to touch
the hearts of others,
all others
not just the ones I see?

I want to find this time
this place
this heart,
and sing my song
and help
the helpless
and start a new beginning
from this day forward
let us sing in unison
of love
and warmth
and caring
and giving
to each other
everything we need,
each in turn
the light is gone
and the purple night
lulls us all to sleep,
knowing we will awaken
in a time of joy.

© 2021, Patrick Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.


A Cloud of Love

A Cloud of Love
A Cloud of Love – © 2020 Patrick Canganelli.

love is never diminished when given freely,
it is only expanded, compounded, and unfolding
until it encompasses
I and We will give until
our hearts burst,
but bursting forward and outward and everywhere
and compounding
every sad child
every broken heart
and every tear shed
is healed
and burning with desire
to give freely,
like a cloud of electrons floating above a shining metal sphere,
a cloud of love
encircling the earth.

© 2020 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

We Travel the Sky

Lattice and Spectrum – © 2020 Patrick Canganelli.


so in our youth we travel the sky
grow to find our passports to
the stars,
souls criss-cross time and space
in one countless moment,
but truth is trapped inside the hidden dimensions.
my roadmap only talks of galaxies
and the hot molten spheres
still generating precious metals—
where is even the
briefest hint
of how we collapse into
our inner selves?
I have searched far and wide
for a spell
to take me
to where you and I have always known
what matters.
shall I
beseech a vortex
to open up
and swallow us all
and latch
the hate behind us
our inner place has no unkindness
I wish to zoom down to the bonds between
the lattice,
I will reach out to everyone
our arms will form the most magnificent crystal,
formed of love,
our new structure
will be impenetrable
and we will set about
to latch onto
every single brother and sister
I will only see
our outstretched arms
and marvel at
the color of
the crystal as it
fans into the spectrum of God.
there is no limit
if we can but peer deep down
into the hidden places
and the crystal will
be us, and the stars
and galaxies,
and we will
fill the void
from now
ever more…

© 2020 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

There is a Place

photo taken at Clegg Memorial Gardens.
In Emerald Green – photo © 2020 Susan Canganelli.


I know there is a place
where all of us are free
free to love
free to be just who we are
no judgment
no expectation
tears only of joy
I have a longing for what we can become
I desperately want that day to break tomorrow,
each evening
I drift to the place of dreams
I visit with all of you
who are ready
but what to do
for those still in anguish
We surely want all of us to wake in
a world of love
I know I do
and I know there are others,
let us set a time—
why not tonight—
and lie down together
in emerald green
and drift to that vast tomorrow
filled with love
and the crimson heart
and freedom for all of us
I wait for the daybreak,
please be there when I awake.

© 2020 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.


A Calm Bright Path

sparkling ocean
Sparkling Ocean – © 2020 Patrick Canganelli.

Sitting in this hollow log
tossed gently on the waves
I am dreaming of the distant shores
the sun on the horizon
is my beacon
a bright line of yellow orange
finds its way to me
behind me
are yesterday’s memories
floating on the water
foamy crests and side swirls
each encapsulating
a day spent in the past
but I go ever forward
I will not look back
behind me is the sea foam
ahead is the sun
a calm bright path.
I anticipate the community
of souls,
in my mind
words of joy
are brewing
and spilling out
to form
a new directive
I am positively
filled with hope
there will be other souls
with their words
spilling out
mixing with mine
to build
I scan the sea from edge to edge
and I can see a gathering
a million hollow logs
with eager souls
heading to that ball of light
we will reach
a distant shore
we will stand together
our feet side by side in the sand
so then
we will raise our arms
every single one of us
in unison
with nothing in our hearts
but each other
you see —
I brought nothing with me
I only need all of you.
please let us fill our hearts
with all of who we are,
standing on the shore together,
hands raised
all troubles left behind
I know the crests and eddies
behind me
will fall away
into the vast oceanic yesteryear.
but we will step across each other’s footprints
forming a new organism
called man-KIND.
our kind and gentle voices all heard,
nothing from where we came from
except the joy
of who will we become.
I cannot wait
for that great shore!

© 2020 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

I am Ready

Star of Heaven.
Star of Heaven (taken through Schylling Classic Tin Kaleidoscope) – © 2020 Patrick Canganelli.


I am here waiting in the dark
cold corners at my back
my eyes covered
my heart heavy
quiet and passive
but I am dreaming awake
thinking of tomorrow
not patient
my breath is hoarse
I am ready to spring out
from this dank retreat.
at dawn
I will sprint forth
all my energy bound up
now to be released
I am ready
ready to begin again,
ready to meet the throng
of all my brothers and sisters.
We will gather on a hill
under the bright sky.
I, with others,
will lift my chin
toward the hot light
that has traveled through space.
I will turn my head
and ask those around me
‘can you feel the star of heaven dancing on your face?’
great smiles will answer back.
we will be gathered together again
coming from the shadows
to greet the day,
what we do together will

© 2020 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

The Flower of Us All

Flower Mosaic – © 2019 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

Quiet children
all lie down
arrange ourselves as a flower
so the clouds
can view us from the sky,
all little petals
viewed as the atmosphere charges by.
so passersby
the palette of us all
the outward beauty
that we
this day
shall pull inside
every one of us—
we mix
and stir
and form
a new flower
a new collection of petals
the mosaic of who we are
the clouds reforming
above us
great songs of joy
for what we present to the open air.

© 2019 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.

The Spark and the Chain

A Chain of People – © 2019 Patrick Canganelli.

I fell
the deep well.

I lay breathless at the bottom
how long

in my nightmare
I saw a strange spark
and the spark became
a flame
and the flame
it burned until I
could not see
but I awoke
and gripped the walls
of my oubliette.
I determined
to climb my way out.
at the top
I struggled
until my feet were on the ground.
I stood straight up
and peered into
the sky.

I looked around
and everywhere
I saw people struggling
out of the
places where they had fallen.

I determined
to meet
with everyone.

I must know what
sent us to dark places
but more importantly
I long to keep
my fellows from falling.

let’s go arm in arm together
and form
a chain –
a human chain
of caring

and if I fall
please help me out
and know
that if you fall
I will be there
attended by the human chain
we will help each other
until no one falls.

we will build our chain
of love
the rescue pod
encircles the earth.

I hear you calling
but we are right here,
lifting you up.

I saw a spark.
and it grew
into a chain
that binds us all.
and someday
with your help
no one

© 2019 Patrick Canganelli, All rights reserved.